The team behind Lignator Guitars

Lignator Guitars are made by 3 generations of luthiers in 1 workshop in the North of The Netherlands.Together these 3 trained professionals form the team behind Lignator Guitars.


Jacco Stuitje started playing guitar at a young age and was in various bands in Groningen. After completing his Computer Science studies, a career in IT was the obvious choice, but when Ferdinand asked him in 1994 to help out in the business, the choice was made very quick.

In 2000, Jacco opted for full-time instrument building and became a Partner in Rikkers Guitars. Since then his passion is to make high-quality, modern guitars with an eye for the wishes of the individual customer.

In 2017 he introduced the modern CNC in the workshop and with his IT-background it did not take long to use it for all kinds of improvements in our work.

Since 2015, Jacco has been a board member and Treasurer of the European Guitar Builders association. The EGB is an alliance formed by professional independent European luthiers.


Daan Marinus caught the guitar building virus at a very young age: he made his first Les Paul with a kit when he was 12. After that, cheaply bought guitars were rebuilt and refinished.  3 years later Daan started his first real guitar building project.

When this guitar was ready, he started an ambitious project with interchangeable pickups, as Master Exam for his school. He asked Jacco to supervise this project, which resulted in a training as a guitar builder at Rikkers Guitar Construction.

As a metal-guitar player Daan recognised the metal-oriented world could have a more prominent role at Rikkers, and Jacco & Daan started the Lignator Project to cater these musicians. Daan is full-time luthier, involved with every aspect of the making process.


Ferdinand Rikkers has real bass genes; he comes from a family with several generations of double bass players. But instead of becoming a performing musician, he opted for a completely different music segment: instrument making.

After making several instruments he decided to go full-in and founded Rikkers Guitars In 1983. Ferdinand is a very experienced luthier with a great knowledge of woods and their sound characteristics. He has a trained ear for a nice low-mid sound: where the character of a bass guitar is. Like no other, Ferdinand translates this into high-end basses with a driving sound.

Ferdinand focuses on the bass guitars, and he helps out where he can to build the Lignator guitars.


Ready to Chop

At Rikkers you will always find a wide range of Lignator guitars; new and used. Come by for an extensive tasting session during our regular opening hours. Would you like more information about one of the instruments, or would you like to make an appointment?