Lignators are here!

Three generations of luthiers at Rikkers Guitars started a new line of modern progressive instruments: Lignator Guitars.
The line includes three remarkable versions, designed with the contemporary metal guitarist in mind.

The names of these models are Latin translations of the tools of our craft: The Knife, The Chisel and The Axe.
These tools help us to fulfill our passion for crafting instruments. The same way we hope these instruments help you fulfill your passion for making music!

The Knife, The Chisel & The Axe

Just like we trust on our tools to make our instruments, our customers can trust on our instruments as the right tools to make their music. Check out the tools we’ve created on this website – the Knife, the Chisel and the Axe.
If you would like to find out more about the persons making these tools and how we make them, check our How We Work-page.

Chopping Time!

Get inspired...

How we work

Our Lignator guitars are made in all different kinds of configurations. With the aim of creating the specific tone, feel and looks that you are chasing. Whichever options you choose, one thing is for sure: each and everyone of them will receive the same attention to detail and quality.

These are a few characteristics with which we distinguish ourselves:


We have been making instruments since 1983, so by now we can call ourselves seasoned luthiers. Every instrument is made in our workshop from the ground up, Apart from the hardware We  design and make every part of the guitar ourselves.

Listening well

Building a guitar is apart from the carving and shaving, listening. Not only to the effect of material on the sound of the guitar, but also to the stories and wishes of you, the player. Tell us what you need and we will listen.


As luthiers we have earned our stripes in the last 4 centuries, but we have also always improved our skills & techniques and were not shy of modernisations. Not to make more guitars but to improve on what we already did.

Custom build

At Rikkers, custom building has pretty much been invented. If you like what you see on these pages but it’s not quite there for you yet, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Ready to Chop?

We do our best to always have some Lignator guitars ready to buy or try out in our shop in Groningen. Take a look at our current in stock instruments!

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